KurdLawGroup Practice Areas

Visa and Residency Card


residence of foreigners residing in the Kurdistan region and Iraq and workers in the international foreign organizations and multinational companies,and are also working to provide services to Iraqis. 

Company registration


Registering all type of companies. We have deep experience and expertise in a different activity of the companies in the establishment of different types of businesses, and working with international companies.   

Oil and Gas


Our experience includes advising international oil and gas companies on entering the marketing and operating in the region.  



Trademark registration is processed at the Trademarks Department at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our good working relationship with the department allows to handle your application most efficient. 

Contracts and Legal drafts


our team are annually organizes hundreds of contracts ,regulations, draft laws and legal different documents,which are for companies or ordinary people,sale and rent and etc... 



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Free Counsultation


KurdLawGroup provides our clients with legal consultations in Iraq in a detailed, concise and simplified manner that suits the needs and demands of the clients, all legal consultations are provided through our consultants who have work experience in the field of legal consultations and judicial applications 



KurdLawGroup senior advocates are well experienced and equipped to act in the best interests of clients. Our legal counsel can represent in the most professional and competent manner.




Our lawyers and consultants have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses work enabling us to work alongside our clients throughout each phase of their business, KurdLawGroup has vast experience in advising companies on the suitable corporate structure and completing transactions.   

Labor and Employment


Every business must deal with employment and labor and our client support covers all aspects of entering, managing, and terminating employment relations.  We provide counseling on the creation and preservation of healthy and safe work environments, the drafting of contracts and work rules, and all aspect of dispute resolution including internal investigations, labor litigation, settlement of claims, protection of confidential information, and enforcement of non-compete obligations. 

IT & Data Protection


We advise clients on all IT related legal issues.  We advise clients on general corporate group and HR policies, whistle-blowing, use of personal data, and cross-border data transfers. We regularly act as data protection officer for our clients. In the Middle East, the specific problem of inconsistent regulation of data protection must be taken in to consideration. 



We offer legal advice on all matters related to the successful planning and implementation of international engineering and construction projects, including contract drafting and risk analysis and allocation, project structure, contractual framework and tax related aspects, social insurance for major construction projects concessions, licenses, government regulations and permits.